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Super Arcade Soccer MOBILE - Test

by Ruben Alcaniz

Experience soccer like never before with SUPER ARCADE SOCCER MOBILE! This game combines the best...

Experience soccer like never before with SUPER ARCADE SOCCER MOBILE! This game combines the best of new technology and classic retro games, offering a unique and exciting gameplay experience. With a focus on tactics and intense gameplay, this one-of-a-kind game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Face off against intelligent AI opponents like you've never seen before, and enjoy a wide variety of competitions with an extensive database of the best teams and players from around the world. Choose from a range of competitions, including leagues, cups, and friendly matches, and use your skills to outscore your opponent by the final whistle. Pass, dribble, shoot, head, and volley your way to victory with awesome ball physics that make gameplay feel realistic and immersive. Customize your lineup with different tactics and configurations, and choose from a range of real-life teams and players, including 100 clubs, 60 international teams, and 1,800 players based on real-life players. Each player has 7 unique skills, including shooting, passing, aerial ability, strength, control, stamina, and speed, and can be customized with endless options for hair, beards, physiques, skin tones, and more. Features: ⚽Real-life teams and players (Clubs and International Teams). ⚽Leagues, cups and friendly matches. ⚽Awesome ball physics. ⚽Configure your lineup. ⚽Choose from different tactics. ⚽Real-life sound. ⚽Player has 7 skills (shooting, passing, aerial ability, strength, control, stamina and speed). ⚽Endless ways to customize each player (hair, beard, physique, skin tone, etc.). Experience the thrill of the game with realistic sound effects that make you feel like you're really on the field. Download SUPER ARCADE SOCCER MOBILE today and start your journey to become the ultimate soccer champion!

25 May - 4 Jun

iOS 15.0 - 16.5

iPhone, iPad

O'Coach - HIIT/Yoga/Rehab - Test

by Vibe Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

O'Coach/OCoach app lets you create and execute fully customizable Yoga, HIIT, Injury Rehab, Sports Conditioning,...

O'Coach/OCoach app lets you create and execute fully customizable Yoga, HIIT, Injury Rehab, Sports Conditioning, Warmup and Cooldown etc workout plans with its unique Live Voice-Coach guidance system!It is especially useful for endurance athletes like long distance runners, yoga practitioners, physiotherapists, sports trainers and busy working professionals!Key features of the O'Coach custom workout planner app are:- A very easy and quick to use High Intensity Interval Training timer (HIIT)- Fully customizable workout plans for Yoga self-practice, Stretching, Tabata, Rehab etc- Fully customizable plan scheduler and reminder alerts for injury rehabilitation, sports conditioning, physical therapy and physiotherapy programs- Customize length of each exercise set, rest, warmup and cooldown- Add a repetition counter for effective tempo training- Add custom voice instruction per exerciseACTIVE WORKDAY REVOLUTION:O'Coach amongst other features, also brings to you the "Active Workday Revolution" - a set of exercises that should be done by everybody, everyday despite your age or fitness levels.It motivates and helps you to get up from your desk or otherwise routines every few hrs and do a quick 2-5mins workout with your colleagues/friends/family.THE PROBLEMOur modern lifestyles - long sitting hours, slouching over desk/laptop/phone, long driving hours etc - continually disrupt the natural bio-mechanical balance of our bodies!We are simply carrying the daily accumulating effects of this unnatural lifestyle into everything we do, including our workouts!THE SOLUTIONDo not let it accumulate! Simple!Do not let the stress of these unnatural positions accumulate for more than a few hrs continually.We should aim to get up from our desks every few hrs during the day and give our bodies the gift of simple but essential 2-5 minutes natural movement workouts!More features:- Natural Movement Program- In-built essential natural movements program to counter the ill-effects of unavoidable modern sedentary lifestyles- All these programs are less than 5 minutes in time and can be done anywhere- Especially designed to be done a few times everyday, even while at work, so as to counter those long sitting hours- Trophy achievements and streaks- Receive a Silver Trophy every time you do even a single small workout- Get rewarded by the elusive Golden Trophy when you do 3 small workouts spread thorough the day, totaling a minimum of 15 minutes- Proudly show your mobility/activity streak and a be a fitness hero amongst your friends- Community gameplay- View workout updates from people across the globe- Create your own networks/gangs/groups and target those fitness goals together- Post your workout completion achievements and trophies to community and spread some motivationKey definitions:HIIT:High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue.Tempo Training:Tempo training is adding constant and measured speed into the workout. It helps in building more muscles, increasing strength and burning fat fast. The purpose of tempo training is to hold the worked muscle under positive tension simulation for longer period at a steady speed.But then, keeping a tab of either time or repetitions mentally takes our focus away from the essential aspects like breathing and form etc. And that is where the unique Live Voice-Coach feature of the O'Coach app really comes into play!

10 May - 31 May

Android 3.2 - 13

Phone, Tablet, Wearable